~ Facilitating Healing ~

Relaxation/Swedish Massage- ​Smooth, gentle but firm gliding strokes at a relaxing pace and comfortable pressure. 

Therapeutic Massage- umbrella term that dozens of massage types (modalities) fall under. With the purpose of positively effecting the soft tissues of the body to relieve symptoms, enhance their functions, and promote relaxation and well-being.

​         Myofascial Release- decreases tension of the fascia (connective tissue) works deep with little to no pain, extremely effective.

          Deep Tissue - intense pressure intended to release chronic muscle tension or adhesions (knots), more is not always better!

          Trigger Point Therapy - treating tender and painful spots that cause referred pain, very effective.

         Sport Massage - 3 or more days prior to 'the big event' or anytime after and during training.

                                        Being a more 'active' massage, please wear compression undergarments.

Maternity Massage - Call to discuss pregnancy, to make sure massage is safe (for mom and baby) and approved by the doctor. 

R & R Massage - Relax like Royalty - Spa inspired service with high quality linens, hot packs, cold compress, hot foot towel and your choice of customized aromatherapy.

Hot Stone - 90 minutes of bliss. May help relax and ground you. Stones are hand picked from the shores of Lake Michigan and 'recharged' in the sun after each use. Not recommended for heat sensitive clients. In studio only

Chair Massage - fully clothed massage. Prefect introduction to massage. Usually upper body and 5-20 minutes or more.

                              Travels well. Great for group settings

​I Believe...

Wellness In Touch is improving the quality of lives through the amazing touch of human hands.

Each client is cared for as an individual and each session is customized for the needs and goals of each visit.

With an ultimate goal of optimum wellness, clients are encouraged and empowered to enhance their own

health and wellness by promoting self healing, while the professional, massage therapist

uses all modalities educated and licensed in to achieve optimum results.


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